Masking tape is made of crepe paper coated with solvent base natural rubber

resin. This tape is suitable for surface masking protection of spraying paint, color

separation, masking uneven surfaces and other painting purposes. This product is

designed subject to hte working conditions, such as resistant to high

temperature, solvent, alkalis and acids, which are applied without adhesive

residue and easily stripped off to protect perfect appearance of work piece.

Product No. Thickness Peel
(PSTC -6 )
Tensile Strength Elongation Popular Size
Masking Tape
HS - 02 MASK
6 Mils 50 onz/inch N/A 24 Lbs/inch 7 % 24mm/48mm x 40y
24mm/48mm x 15y
18mm x 8y. 1 " paper core

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