Frequently Asked Questions

Q   Do you have a special tape to meet my particular application?
A   Please contact us for your special tape requirements to discuss in detail.
Q   What are the different types of BOPP Packaging Tapes and tapes that you manufacture?
A   Kindly check our products section for a complete listing or click here.
Q   How much is the lead-time for delivery?
A   Our lead-time is among the best in the industry. We ship the majority of our orders in 5 days, with certain items as quickly as 48 hours.
Q   What is a Pressure Sensitive Tape?
A   A pressure sensitive tape is made out of two different components; flexible film and adhesive. The flexible backing or carrier, is coated with a thin layer of adhesive and oven dried. Tapes can be manufactured with the adhesive coating on one side (single-sided) or on both sides (double-sided).
Q   What is the backing that you use for your tapes?
A   For our packaging tapes we use BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) film.
Q   What is the type of Adhesive that you use for your tapes?
A   We use Water based Acrylic Adhesive. Acrylics are fully synthetic polymers, which are manufactured to give the specific adhesive properties required. Do contact us for more information
Q   Why doesn't tape stick to itself on the Roll?
A   Pressure sensitive adhesive bonds immediately to multiple ranges of surfaces. So why doesn’t tape sticks to itself? The film that were used are first treated to ensure easy unwinding during usage.
Q   Are yellow clear tapes more sticky than white?
A   No, Color does not affect performance or whatsoever
Q   There are bubbles in the tape, they are no good
A   Freshly produced tapes are “hot” in nature and evaporation of water vapor are trapped in between layers. Bubbles will dissipate over time.